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This website is managed by Parliament Hill Ltd.

This website is managed by Parliament Hill Ltd (herein after referred to as Parliament Hill, us, our and we). Our address is 40 Gracechurch Street, London, England, EC3V 0BT and we are registered with the Information Commissions Office under registration number Z8868557.

Parliament Hill respects the privacy of users of this site and believes that such personal data should be used responsibly and appropriately.

Parliament Hill's web site may contain links to other sites not controlled or monitored by Parliament Hill. These sites may independently send you cookies and collect data and information. Parliament Hill is not responsible for and does not accept any liability for their actions or the content of their sites.

Parliament Hill will also process your data and use others to process your data for the provisions of its business service and for business needs. For instance we use cloud internet services. We use IT service providers to manage servers and to provide back-up facilities. We use accountants and professional advisers. We may use temporary staff. We may need to report information to regulatory organisations and ombudsmen. We will use suppliers of business services in order to carry out our business. Some of those business services may have access to our data storage areas and some may need to process your data in order to provide their services to us. One of these organisations is situated outside the EEA. That organisation creates statistics for us, client reports to the associations for who we provide benefit schemes and may be used in handling renewal reminders. The raw data could include personal data.

Parliament Hill will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data you disclose, whilst with us, remains in a secure environment. However, Parliament Hill cannot and does not guarantee that your personal data will be free from unauthorised interception or access and except in cases of fraud by Parliament Hill, Parliament Hill shall not be liable to you for any losses caused by any such unauthorised interception or access.

If at any time you wish to update the personal data you have provided to Parliament Hill; wish to see Parliament Hill's records relating to your personal data; or if you have any questions or comments about Parliament Hill's privacy practices, please contact Parliament Hill at or on 0207 710 9494. We will need to check who you are and may ask you to either answer some security questions over the phone or send in written proof of identity. We are allowed by law to charge for an amount up to £10. We try to avoid such charges but reserve the right to make such a charge. We would advise you of our intention to charge before you are committed to any payment.


Parliament Hill's web site also makes use of 'cookies', which are small text files that contain a unique identification number written to a user's hard disk and read by a server program. Nearly all websites use cookies as they make sites work better, enable site owners to see how their site is used and where they can improve the site to enhance the users experience. These cookies are used to remember activities and any preferences you and your browser have chosen. They are not used to save personal information. Cookies can be controlled and you can decide which cookies are saved and which you want to remove. For further information and to learn more about cookies in general se the following link: BBC Webwise: Cookies



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