How can you engage your members?

Member benefits can add real, tangible value to your membership subscription. The more value members get from membership, the more likely they are to renew their membership.

How easily can you demonstrate value to members?

We have a series of engagement tools which can help organisations demonstrate the value member benefits can add to their membership. These tools are based around members’ everyday spending, so there really should be something of interest to everyone! These benefits can be integrated with organisation’s other key elements of membership to present a monetary value of membership. These tools are very effective at reminding members how much they value they actually get from their membership subscription.

How effective are your marketing communications?

Content on or around member benefits is a really good way of engaging members and driving traffic to your website. It helps organisations balance the content of communications and also provides opportunities for unique and engaging topic areas.

Institute of Financial Accountants

Institute of Financial Accountants

“On average everyday emails to members usually have a 35% open rate but for the member privileges, it’s usually around 42% open rate”


Is improving your attrition rates a key objective? Giving members more reasons to stay with an organisation and demonstrating how they can save the cost of their membership can help influence their decision-making process.

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