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A hop, skip and a job… and 6 years on.

Back in 2017 it was pre-pandemic, five years post Olympics and the Parliament Hill team were working five days a week from our offices a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral.

Fast forward to 2023, and times have changed for the membership sector, society, and working arrangements at Parliament Hill. Here are my six reflections on my past six years at Parliament Hill.

1. Online – Gone are the days where I would be rushing to Euston for a pre-6am train to see a client in Manchester. Now everything is online, which allows me more time to spend supporting clients on their strategic projects, growth plans and membership proposition.

2. Hybrid working – In 2017 the PH team were in the office every day, commuting twice a day, five days a week. Add to that the never-ending discussions on who had the optimum desk in the office (by the window and close to the kitchen was key).

Roll on to 2023 and Parliament Hill gave up their permanent offices during the pandemic, now we are working from a flexible space every Thursday. It is refreshing post-pandemic to have a day of face-to-face conversations with colleagues, while still having the flexibility and efficiency of the rest of the week for online meetings.

3. Membership sector – Membership organisations exist to support and look after their members, but over the past six years (and in particular the last three years) this has never been more prevalent. I have found it inspiring the lengths that some organisations have gone to, to support their members over the pandemic years.

The need for membership organisations in society has never been greater, but in some sectors and also with some demographics membership is starting to reduce. Tailoring membership propositions for different membership groups, providing helplines for members and providing even more value are all areas where the Parliament Hill team have worked hard to support our clients.

4. Economic crisis – The economy is in very different place to where it was 6 years ago. The cost of living crisis is impacting a high percentage of our clients. We are working hard to find ways to support our clients and their members; whether that is a discount off their supermarket shop or a free financial advice call, we are able to support.

5. Sustainability – At the beginning of 2020, Parliament Hill started their Sustainability Journey. Over this time we have launched a sustainability hub, achieved Green Mark Level II accreditation as well checking in with clients on their own sustainability journeys and where Parliament Hill might be able to support.

6. Two kids and a move to the country - For me personally there has been a lot of personal change in the past six years; I am now a father of two (Daisy (2), Oscar (5 months), married to Hannah and we all moved to the Cambridgeshire countryside over a year ago from a north London base. Becoming a father has really made me think differently about my life, becoming more aware of my environmental impact and also more aware of the types of membership organisations that exist to support new parents!

On reflection a lot has changed in the past 6 years, some of it has been rapid and unexpected and others changes have been slower and planned. Change can be challenging, and I hope that we continue to see more positive challenging change in the next six years and beyond.


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