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Reflections on 2022

Andrew Holden, Managing Director, reflects on another busy year for Parliament Hill.

Looking back at 2022, I guess the first thing to say is ‘Well it wasn’t as bad as 2021. And that, in fairness, wasn’t as bad as 2020’. This may all be true – but of itself, it’s hardly a ringing endorsement. This year has certainly still been impacted by the pandemic, but we’ve had some new treats to enjoy as well – conflict in Europe, worsening economic uncertainty, and a cost of living crisis that’s bringing genuine hardship to many.

As with many other businesses, we’ve just had to keep our heads down and keep going. But in so doing, some real positives have managed to emerge. For starters, it’s been fantastic being able to see our colleagues face to face each week – it’s something we all look forward to. As well as our hybrid working model, managing to have more regular team events, drinks and dinners too has felt like a novelty after so long. Tough Mudder in the summer was a particular highlight.

Our mission is to serve the membership sector, and to help it fulfil the very important role it delivers, and as such we’ve been proud to take on another 10 amazing clients, and to finalise some important new strategic alliances. We’ve also achieved remarkable client retention rates, and an NPS score in the ‘Excellent’ range. We’ve rolled out another 10 key brand partnerships and launched our sustainability hub – along with achieving Green Mark level 2 as a business ourselves. The Parliament Hill brand and website have been refreshed, and we’ve rolled out a series of tech innovations for our clients.

The result of our collective endeavour is that we are now servicing a membership community of around 7 million people, which should be a source of much pride within the team. And it’s worth saying how much that team continues to develop. We’ve been delighted to welcome some brilliant new additions this year (props to Becky, Georgia and Katie) – at a time when recruitment was especially difficult. We’re all still benefitting from a group Enneagram session we did with our inestimable coach Christine early in the year. If anyone’s not yet come across the Enneagram, talk to someone within the PH Team; I’m sure we’d all strongly recommend it.

So, overall, the year has been tough, but bearable – and it always makes it easier if you’re surrounded by great people, that you love working with.

Here’s wishing you a brilliant Christmas, and all the best for 2023

Andrew and the PH Team

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