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It’s that time when everyone’s minds turn away from the January blues and onto the next adventure. Looking for some inspiration? Here are 5 different getaways you could make the most of in 2019.

1 Get off the beaten path

Going on your own way is set to be a big travel trend for 2019. So why not hire out your own cottage in rural Britain or a European villa and make your own adventure. It’s a great way to feel liberated and get away from the usual hustle and bustle of hotel pools and overcrowded beaches.

2 Escape to nature

While there is always time for sight-seeing, when did you last sit back to the sound of silence and find yourself in nature again? As more and more people turn their backs on technology in search of true relaxation, why not make this the year that you book a log cabin and cosy up for the week?

3 Road trip

Hire the vehicle you want and hit the tarmac as you drive from destination to destination. Behind the wheel you can see places you’ve never seen before while enjoying the freedom to get up and drive wherever you want. Nobody else’s schedules, just your choices.

4 European city breaks

This is a classic choice for a reason. Book a boutique hotel downtown and take a long weekend to see as much as you can. Top destinations for 2019 include Hamburg, Porto and Monaco.

5 Dark skies

If you’re after a more cathartic break, why not choose Iceland or a Scandinavian destination and enjoy the beautiful night sky. By day, absorb the unique culture and breath-taking landscapes, perfect for couples, families and solo-travellers alike.

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