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How Travelling by Train Can Benefit You and The Environment

Travelling by train has many advantages, from cutting back on your emissions, to cutting back on costs, it could benefit your travels in many ways. With half term fast approaching, this is also a good way to explore and enjoy your half term sustainably.

Lower Carbon Emissions

If you are looking to make more sustainable choices this year, choosing to travel by train could be a great way to make steps towards a more carbon friendly lifestyle. Travelling by train is one of the greenest forms of public transport that you can take. According to research by the Rail Delivery Group, “ a single train at full capacity can remove up to 70 cars from the road, resulting in substantial emissions savings ” which makes for a significant reduction in carbon emissions compared to travelling by car. Not only this, if more people make the switch, we will have much clearer air in the years to come, resulting in a healthier future for everyone

Comfort and ease

A lot of people choose to travel by car due to an expectation of ease and comfort, but this isn’t always the case if your journey enters into unexpected congestion and delays. By  avoiding traffic jams , travelling by train will not only save time but also contributes to a reduction in overall vehicle emissions. Travelling by train also means that you can sit back and maybe even get some shut eye on your journey knowing that you will reach your destination quickly and with ease.

A nicer way of travelling

Another great advantage of travelling by train is that you have the opportunity to take in some beautiful scenery whilst you enjoy your journey. Whether you are travelling out of the city into greener areas or venturing towards the coastline, it is a great way to make the most of a journey. Whilst on your journey you might travel through areas that you weren’t aware of and that could inspire future breaks around the UK. Travelling abroad is a great way to explore, but the UK also has beautiful areas that could offer you a similar experience, often at a lower cost. Again, this can be a good way to minimise your time flying, which contributes to your carbon footprint – “ Rail travel creates 10 times less carbon emissions per passenger than the equivalent car journey and 13 times less than travelling by plane, newly released figures have shown .”


Whilst travelling in the comfort of your own car can be nice, it does mean that it may require you to pull over and stretch your legs or take a break for some refreshments. However, travelling by train means that you can bring your own food and drink and sometimes enjoy the on-board refreshments that they have to offer. Having the freedom to get up and walk around the carriages is also a great way to use your time freely.

Make savings

Whether you are travelling alone or with friends and family, trainlines usually have offers to help you save whilst you travel, making it easier and cheaper for everyone. With offers such as Group Savers, Two Together and Student Railcards, it is good to check with your trainline to see if they are available to you to use.

Splitting your journey into multiple tickets is also a great way to slash your ticket price. Some websites, such as Split My Fare, will do it for you, so you can cut out the hard part. Split ticketing often means you can take the same number of trains you normally would for your journey, but can save money by splitting your journey into multiple tickets between the stations the service stops at on the way. “ Split My Fare says on average, customers save 26% by doing this ” also, checking to see if it is cheaper to buy two single tickets rather than a return is always a quick and easy way to see whether it can save you money.

So, whether it is for comfort and ease that you are looking for, or being conscious of your carbon footprint, travelling by train could be the better option and help you uncover other destinations.   

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