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International Women’s Day 2024 – What inclusivity means to our team

This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. At Parliament Hill, we are asking ourselves what inclusivity means to us and what we can do to help encourage this in the future. Take a further look at what we discussed on this topic:

The theme for this year's International Women's Day is 'Inspire Inclusion'. At Parliament Hill, we are celebrating this year's theme by asking ourselves what inclusivity means to us and what we can do to help foster an inclusive culture in the future.

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It is important for everyone, to recognise whether it's in the work place, at home, in sport and more – it's vital for inclusivity to be embedded throughout our lives. With this in mind, we interviewed some of our team and asked what this year's theme meant to them:

What does inclusivity mean to you?

Inclusivity for me means creating more opportunities for everyone and anyone to participate in something.
Jenny Hollywood, Senior Client Services Executive
Jenny Hollywood
That everybody is given an opportunity to be involved in any project or activity.
Becky Brookes, Marketing Executive
A culture that enables people to feel valued and supported, whoever they are.
Andrew Holden, Managing Director
Creating environments, communities, and societies where all women, regardless of their background, identity, or experiences, feel welcomed, valued, and respected. It involves recognising and celebrating the diversity within womanhood, including differences in race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, ability, and more.
Georgia Hallgalley, Account Executive
Inclusivity, to me, means everyone has a voice and everyone, no matter what they believe, deserves to be listened to and, above all respected. We can have differences in our identities and our opinions, but that makes for a richer society.
Rita Walters, Marketing Manager
Rita Walters
Making sure that everyone, no matter who they are, or from what background, have the same rights and opportunities.
Tom Sparke, Client Services Director

What are you doing about inclusivity for your future?

Not taking for granted the spaces I am involved in, and trying to question what can be done better.
Jenny Hollywood
Being aware of my surroundings and questioning inclusion if it is not encouraged or present.
Becky Brookes
As a father of two teenage daughters, it's important to me that they are given equal opportunities to men throughout their lives. I do find myself apologising to them on behalf of 'men' so often; so many of the world's problems seem to connect to the disproportionate amount of power still held by men, and their regular inability not to abuse it.
Andrew Holden
I would like to think that I am making sure that there is inclusive leadership. Women are advocating for and striving to attain leadership positions in various fields, including me, but this can also stem down to politics, business, academia, and non-profits. By being in leadership roles, women can influence policies, practices, and organizational cultures to be more inclusive and supportive of diversity.
Georgia Hallgalley
Georgia Hallgalley
Listening rather than hearing a person speaking is so important. In my career and personal life, I've met people who are very different from me, culturally speaking, and I've found that, even though I may not always agree with them, I will try to understand their point of view. This helps me form a better understanding of those whose beliefs differ from mine.
Rita Walters
Being aware that many decisions I take, whether in a working environment or not, have a bearing on my children's future.
Tom Sparke

Do you have an example of a personal or professional experience involving inclusivity?

There's always an opportunity to get involved in an area of the business / a project you haven't had an experience being in, there's always an attitude of “how can we make this happen".
Jenny Hollywood
In the past I have worked in physical roles which have included a variety of heavy-duty skills. Working with a team of various ages, genders and backgrounds, we were made sure to feel confident in our abilities.
Becky Brookes
Becky Brookes
Parliament Hill has a strong vein of female leadership running through the company (and in fact there are more female than male members of our team).
Andrew Holden
Yes, I think the most important has always been within a workplace. The most important to me would be ensuring I am working within an inclusive environment at any given job I have had, where you feel valued and respected for who you are, regardless of your background, identity, or experiences. Your opinions, perspectives, and contributions are welcomed and appreciated by others.
Georgia Hallgalley

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